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Car Auction Network has compiled these car auction sites in the state of Washington for both wholesale used car auctions, police auctions, and tow company auctions. We know that most of these are open to public bidders.

If you’re considering how to find a car auction in Washington, you have two options to consider: traditional wholesale car auctions that are open to the public and also government auctions — such as tow lot auctions and police auctions. The auction sites below are not for wrecked cars or salvage car auctions.

For the inexperienced car auction buyer, it is best to stick with public wholesale car auctions in Washington state since they often cater to buyers that have never attended an auction before. For police auction tow auctions, it is recommended to have a fair amount of car mechanical knowledge and also the means to get any repairs done cheaply.

Wholesale auctions also have the extra option of allowing you to buy a car or sell your car at an auction. Contact the auction you are interested in to verify specific details.

used car at an auction lot
Washington state car auctions are a good way to buy a cheap used car.

Public Auto Auctions in Washington State

Public car auctions in WA do not require any special car dealer’s license or auction license in order to bid on the auction cars for sale.

We recommend either of these car auction sites for first-time auction bidders.

Centralia Auction View Inventory Online
1101 N Pearl St, Centralia, WA 98531

Bellingham Public Auto Auction
2036 Iron Street
Bellingham, WA 98225

Tow Impound and Police Auto Auctions in Washington

The auctions below are from tow lots and police impound lots and other government auctions of vehicles. These are held less frequently than wholesale auto auctions and feature less cars or sale, but they will often have the best bargains for careful bidders that do their research.

We only suggest these tow company auction sites and police auction sites to experienced auction bidders. They move at a quick pace and can be more unforgiving to first-timers.
A-Jack’s Towing Impound Auto Auction

Kent Towing – Car Auctions Kent, Washington

Seattle.Gov – Fleet Vehicle and Equipment Auctions (Surplus used fleet vehicles and equipment auctioned to the public)

Auctions – King County (Surplus items through live public auctions and sealed bids)

Auctions in Motor Pool – State of Washington

Impound Vehicle Auctions – Gene’s Towing (Auto auctions in the Lakewood, Puyallup, and Federal Way)

Evidence Unit – City of Vancouver Washington

Auctions – Roadone Seattle (Abandoned vehicles auctioned to the public)

Chico Towing Vehicle Auction – Bremerton, WA (While some vehicles may come with keys, we can make no guarantee of availability. If a key is present at the time of pick up, it will be given to the winner at that time.) Silverdale, WA 98383

Chappelle’s Towing – Vancouver Washington Car Auctions (Abandoned Vehicle Auctions every other Thursday with impounded cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and motorcycles)

Surplus Property – Kennewick, WA (Public auction of vehicles, equipment, police seizure, unclaimed, lost, stolen or other property no longer necessary for City operations)

Save on an Auction Car in Washington

Auction cars in Washington are a good opportunity to buy a cheap used car. You will be buying a car from the same place that used car dealers buy their cars. You may visit a public car auction without any dealer license and there is no obligation to buy if you do not find a car you are interested in.

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