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Colorado Auto Auctions – Online & Local

Looking for a car auction in the beautiful state of Colorado? Car Auction Network offers our curated list of trustworthy car auction sites in Colorado should help you out.

In Colorado, auto auctions are a popular way to find a variety of vehicles at competitive prices. We’ve participated in numerous auctions across the state, from Denver to Colorado Springs, and we’ve picked up some Colorado-specific insights. For instance, due to the state’s diverse terrain, you’ll find a wider range of 4x4s and SUVs ideal for mountain driving.

Colorado Car Auctions

We always check the auction vehicle’s undercarriage for rust, a common issue in Colorado due to road salt used in snowy conditions. Also, Colorado auctions often feature repossessed or government vehicles, which can be a great deal but require looking over closely for damage.

The police and tow auctions below are usually open to the public. The two auctions listed at the top are open to licensed auto dealers only. This means you will need a dealer’s license in order to attend and to be able to bid on vehicles.

If you prefer to bid online, we also suggest you visit Purple Wave auction.  They auction vehicles and equipment around the country and often have auctions in Colorado. No special license is required in order to bid online with them, in our experience.

Dealer Car Auctions in Colorado

Dealers Auto Auction of the Rockies Denver, CO 80229 (303)289-7716

Loveland Auto Auction (4-Lane Dealer only auto auction with sales every Friday) Johnstown, CO 80534 – 970.669.4994

Public Police and Tow Auctions

There are a handful online police auctions and government surplus auctions around CO that we know of. The list below should get you started finding one near you. We do not suggest these types of auto auctions to beginners, they require some experience before bidding.

Denver Colorado Abandoned & Confiscated Vehicle Auction City of Denver auctions impounded, towed, and abandoned vehicles for sale online to the public.

Vehicle impounds – Douglas County Sheriff Castle Rock, CO 80109

Colorado Springs Police Impound Lot Auctions Similar to the police car auctions in Denver, but a bit smaller in size and frequency from what we’ve seen. 1525 Sherman St., B-15 | Denver, CO 80203

Garfield County Vehicle Auction (Online auction of vehicles, to electronics, to construction supplies to the public) Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601

Dickensheet & Associates Inc. Auctions Dickensheet Auctions will often host online vehicle auctions from estate sales, government surplus, drug seizures, impounds, and more to the public in Colorado.

Colorado State University Surplus Property

City of Aurora Impound Vehicles

If you do not see any auctions listed in the links above, be sure to check again later as they are frequently updated as new auction cars in Colorado become available.

In the Centennial State, auto auctions are strategically located near major interstates like I-25 and I-70, making them easily accessible whether you’re coming from Boulder, Fort Collins, or Pueblo.

Pay attention to mileage and wear-and-tear, especially if you’re considering a commercial vehicle; they’ve likely logged miles on these busy interstates. Being savvy about these local factors can give you an edge in finding a vehicle that not only fits your needs but also stands up to Colorado’s unique driving conditions.

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