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Michigan Car Auctions

Car Auction Network knows that car auctions in Michigan are a good way to buy a car or truck and save money. Most Michigan auto auctions have 100+ cars for sale with more cars being brought in weekly so you will have a lot of choices on what to buy.

Most of the auctions are held weekly or monthly so there are many chances to come back if you do not find a car the first time you visit. We always recommend picking a few auction cars to bid on and not just focusing on any single one.

If you are unsure about car auctions in general, do not worry, you can read our car auction bidder’s guide. The staff at car auctions are very eager to help with new bidders so do not let the process intimidate you.

In fact, we find that a lot of our first-time car auction bidders enjoy the process and found it very fun. Most auctions are fast-paced, but public car auctions tend to be slowed down a bit to accommodate for newer, inexperienced bidders in the auction.

Something else to consider is the possibility of using a car auction in Michigan to sell your own car or truck. Auctions are a good way to quickly sell your car to a lot of potential buyers.

You can leave your vehicle for sale at the auction and they can handle all the hassle and the paperwork. Not all locations allow selling of cars by the public, so check with the location first to verify. Also, you can set a minimum bid price so do not worry about that.

Where Do Car Auctions in Michigan Get Their Cars for Sale?

This is a very common question about auto auctions and most of the cars up for auction come from the following sources:

  • Bank ReposRepossessed vehicles that are then sold at auction
  • Trade-Ins – These are vehicles that car buyers traded in to a dealership when buying another car. These cars are then taken to an auction and sold for low prices.
  • Police Drug Seizures – These are impounded vehicles that are auctioned to the public
  • Tow Lot Impounds – These are abandoned vehicles and impounded vehicles auctioned off
  • Salvage Car Auctions – Insurance car auctions and wrecked vehicles sold with salvaged titles. These will obviously need a lot of bodywork to be driven again and these types of auctions are for dealers that are more experienced with the process. These auctions are usually held online.

Car Auctions in Michigan – Open to the Public

These are public car auctions that do not require an auction license in order to enter and bid. You will only pay a buyer’s fee if you bid on an auction car and are the winner.

Most of these auction cars for sale at Michigan public auto auctions will have clean titles, unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer so pay close attention. We always like to get there early so we can look over the auction cars in good daylight and without being hurried.

Greater Detroit Auto Auction
24354 King Rd. Brownstown, MI 48174
Auto auctions are on Saturdays at 10am

Motor City Auto Auction

Midwest Auto Auction
14666 Telegraph Road
Redford, MI 48239

Midwest Auto Auction will sometimes hold public government surplus vehicle sales to the public. They also have a live car auction every third Friday at 10am.

Dealer Car Auctions in Michigan – Dealers Only Auctions

Dealer Auto Auctions in Michigan require a car dealer’s license in order to bid and purchase auction vehicles for sale.

Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction (Dealers-Only)

Grand Rapids Auto Auction (Dealers-Only)

Police Car Auctions in Michigan & Government Surplus Auctions

These auctions are held by government entities and include police drug seizures, tow lot impounds, abandoned vehicles, municipality and state surplus fleet vehicles, and other types.

These are mostly cars, trucks, Vans, and SUVS, but will also occasionally auction boats, RVs, ATVs, etc. Police auctions in Michigan are open to public and often have online bidding.

State of Michigan Surplus Online Auctions (If the auction list is empty, check back in the future)

Police Auctions – Goch and Son’s Detroit (Monthly tow company auctions to the public) Detroit, Michigan 48217

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Auctions – Oakland County, Michigan (Confiscated and recovered stolen property, county surplus equipment & vehicles) Pontiac, MI 48341

Surplus Vehicles & Equipment for Auction – City of Holland Michigan

City Surplus Auctions – Rochester Hills, MI

Abandoned Vehicle Auctions – Washtenaw County, MI (Abandoned Vehicle Auctions) Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Abandoned Vehicle Auction – Grand Traverse County, MI

Unclaimed Auto Auctions – Royal Oak

Surplus Auctions – City of Birmingham MI (Automobiles, out-service equipment, & property)

Property Auctions – Royal Oak, MI (Live auctions at A & M Impound Yard) Royal Oak, MI 48067

Property Auction – Farmington, MI (Internet auctions to the public for used police vehicles, recovered bicycles, forfeited, unclaimed, and found property)

Do not be intimidated by auto auctions because most car auctions in Michigan for public buyers have staff that will guide you through the entire process. Just ask any questions you have up front and do not be shy about it. Auctions are a lot of fun and can be a satisfying experience for first timers and they follow our tips.

Car auctions are a way to buy or sell vehicles, and Michigan has its fair share of both public and dealer auto auctions. If you are looking for local wholesale car auctions near you, Michigan is a good place to start.

From general car auctions to Michigan auto auctions featuring repo cars, there’s something for everyone. Auto auctions in Michigan draw people from all over, and the interest in Michigan auction cars is pretty high. Whether you’re just curious or seriously looking to buy, Michigan car auctions offer a range of options.

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